“Hello there.”

Hi, hello and welcome. My name is Matthew and you’ve just stumbled onto my homepage. This is the corner of the web where you can find out about me and see the things that I have worked on.

$ whoami

I’m a Game Developer that just wants to make something cool. And I had the pleasure of working on so many cool projects. Just check them out in the sections Work and Personal.

I am primarily a programmer but I also do some game design, sketching, and pixel-art.

I’ve worked professionally as a game developer for almost 9 years (as of 2023), mostly in Unity but I’ve also dabbled in other technologies such as Unreal Engine, UDK, Allegro (in C++), web design, movie editing, etc.

Sometimes I also give lectures at conferences – you can find those that were published in the Talks section – and teach how to make games.

I’ve worked with companies such as Knoocker, Hypnotic Ants, FunBrush, Robot Gentleman and Pancake Games. I also run my own company called Matthew Blank Productions and I’m available for freelancing projects.

For a few years, I’ve also co-ran the Poznań Unity Developers Meetup and was one of the main organizers of the All Play game jam – a game jam that was focused on implementing accessibility features in video games.

You can get in touch with me by writing to hello@sygan.gd.