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I’m one of the organizers of this Game Jam. So far we’ve done 4 editions of this event. If you’d like to become a sponsor or have an idea about what we can do together feel free to contact me!

Game Jam Description

Game development is not only hard work but also great fun! Satisfaction from a job well done is additionally heightened from the joy of others – the Players.

Unfortunately, we often forget that the recipients of our games can also be players with disabilities. If we don’t include basic rules of accessibility during the design phase of our game, we could end up with a project that many people would not be able to enjoy.

The lack of skills in the area of making accessible games is not because of the malevolence of their creators. As game developers, we’re often not aware of the limitations that some of the players could come across. Or maybe we don’t have the necessary knowledge, that could help us to design our games better.

We’ve decided to change this!

Our goal is not only to make people aware of the issue but also to give you practical knowledge that will allow you to create more accessible games.