Personal Projects

This category contains all projects that I’ve been working on in my spare time. It’s mostly populated with games that I’ve created on various game jams throughout the years. Some of them are even playable.

  • Handyman Simulator

    This is a short game that I made with my friend as an entry for the Global Game Jam in 2020. This game prototypes an idea for making the game about fixing things by using the wrong tools. Despite having the “Simulator” in the name it is not a game from the simulator genre. It’s […]

  • Not There – A Story

    Not There is a very simple game that I made as an entry to the Nordic Game Jam in 2017. In this game, we walk back home from a funeral while reminiscing about the times we’ve walked this path with our late father. This is a solo entry in which I’ve made the game design, […]

  • Jummies

    Jummies is a simple couch multiplayer game for 2-4 players in which you’re trying to throw the opponents out of the stage. The game was made for Global Game Jam in 2015. It’s a straightforward game, inspired by the Super Smash Bros series. Hit opponents to throw them out of the stage.

  • Abandoned

    Abandoned is one of the very first games I’ve created using Unity. I’ve worked on it solo during the 7-Day FPS Game Jam. The idea was to create a Slender-like game with puzzle elements. This project taught me a lot about making 3D games and how sometimes simple solutions are not always the most optimized […]