This category contains all projects that I’ve worked on professionally – i.e. been paid to work on. Most of the materials such as screenshots, videos, logos, etc. are the property of their respectful owners and I’m only using them here as a showcase of my work.

  • Tales of Mathasia

    During my work at Pancake Games as a side project, I’ve been tasked with designing an educational math game for kids. This is my very first project where my main focus was game design instead of coding. The coding of this game has been done by another developer. In this game, you’re a new arrival […]

  • 60 Seconds! Reatomized

    After making the 60 Parsecs! our team has been tasked with recreating the original 60 Seconds! game using the tools and backend that we’ve created for the sequel. It was a very fast project – done in about 6 months – during which we’ve basically recreated the original game from scratch – except for the […]

  • 60 Parsecs!

    During my work at Robot Gentleman, I was one of the developers of 60 Parsecs! This was a space sequel of the game previously released by the studio called 60 Seconds! In this game, you had 60 Seconds to gather your supplies and the crew members and get them aboard your space shuttle before the […]

  • FunBrush

    FunBrush was a startup that was trying to create a device named “FunBrush”. It was an attachment to the toothbrush that allowed it to detect its movements. Its ultimate goal was to make brushing teeth fun for the kids. I was leading a team of three – including myself – Unity Developers and we were […]

  • B.E.T.T.Y.: It’s getting serious.

    I worked on this project during my time at Hypnotic Ants Studio. It was a First Person Shooter Tower Defence game in which you were placing turrets and defending the city from the alien invasion. Being the very first game of the studio it unfortunately didn’t see the light of day due to financing issues […]

  • Knoocker

    I worked at Knoocker from November 2014 until May 2015. This was my very first paid job as a Unity Developer. It was at a very early stage of the project. The platform was being finalized and my objective was to implement the very first games for the platform. During my time there I was […]