60 Parsecs!

During my work at Robot Gentleman, I was one of the developers of 60 Parsecs! This was a space sequel of the game previously released by the studio called 60 Seconds!

In this game, you had 60 Seconds to gather your supplies and the crew members and get them aboard your space shuttle before the space station you were on was blown to dust. The explosion has thrown your shuttle 60 parsecs into the unknown. Then you had to manage your supplies, send expeditions and find a new home for you and your crew.

I was responsible for coding the gameplay systems, asset and resource management, loading system and an internal Node-based editor tool – you can hear about it more in one of my talks – that was used by the design team to create the flow of the game.

The game was released on all major and mobile platforms on 18th September 2018.

You can get the game and find out more HERE.