60 Seconds! Reatomized

After making the 60 Parsecs! our team has been tasked with recreating the original 60 Seconds! game using the tools and backend that we’ve created for the sequel.

It was a very fast project – done in about 6 months – during which we’ve basically recreated the original game from scratch – except for the scavenging portion of the game that had only some physics and visual updates.

This was done in order to streamline the process of creating new content for the game and to make it almost identical to the 60 Parsecs! Original 60 Seconds! had a lot of its design features hidden within the game code so it was sometimes very hard to create new content without the need for coding. As 60 Parsecs! architecture was designed with this mindset the idea emerged to create 60 Seconds! Reatomized.

Additionally, a lot of new features such as Challenges, meta-game and a new playable character – Dolores – in Scavenge and awesome new menus were added together with this remake.

Get it here! -> http://robotgentleman.com/60seconds/