B.E.T.T.Y.: It’s getting serious.

I worked on this project during my time at Hypnotic Ants Studio. It was a First Person Shooter Tower Defence game in which you were placing turrets and defending the city from the alien invasion.

Being the very first game of the studio it unfortunately didn’t see the light of day due to financing issues at the time.

Initially intended for high-end – as of 2015 – mobile devices the game made its way into Oculus Rift DK2.

The game allowed the Players to place and operate turrets in order to shoot the aliens that were attacking the ruined city.

I was responsible for making the very first playable version of this game which was presented during Poznań Game Arena – photos on the right. Game was made using Unreal Engine 4 and my job was programming the behaviours using Blueprints and implementing the DK2 support.

Unfortunately not much has survived from this project. I’ll update this page if I’ll be able to find any more resources someday.